Credit derivatives and synthetic structures Presentations
Credit Derivatives and Synthetic Securitisation Lecture at London Metropolitan University
12 May 2005
free download pdf (114KB)
Credit Derivatives: Transforming the Debt Capital Market Pinnacle Credits and Derivatives conference, Singapore
November 2004
free download pdf (44KB)
Balance sheet funding using synthetic structures GARP Credit Risk summit, London
May 2004
free download pdf (175KB)
The Credit Default Swap Basis RISK Credit Summit, London
21 October 2003
free download pdf (162KB)
Innovations in integrating cash and synthetic markets: the multi-SPV credit-hybrid structure RISK Europe, Paris
8-9 April 2003
free download pdf (309KB)
Credit Default Swaps and the synthetic CDO Bloomberg Credit Derivatives Seminar
20 Mar 2003
free download pdf (277KB)
Advances in securitisation technology: synthetic transactions and their use in balance sheet management and credit trading European Finance Convention, London
4 Dec 2002
free download pdf (340KB)
Choudhry on Credit Derivatives (Transcript) Bloomberg Forum, New York
11:21 10 Oct 2002
free download pdf (91KB)
Risk transfer via credit derivatives and securitisation technology: the synthetic collaterised debt obligation FOW Singapore
17 Sep 2002
free download pdf (60KB)
Fourth-generation CDO structures: credit trading via the managed synthetic CDO FOW London
21 Jun 2002
free download pdf (297KB)
An Introduction to Credit Derivatives London Guildhall University
12 Jun 2002
free download pdf (369KB)
Derivatives in structured finance: credit derivatives and Italian synthetic CDOs FOW Milan
23 May 2002
free download pdf (270KB)
Issues in the asset-swap pricing of credit default swaps FOW Frankfurt
7 Mar 2002
free download pdf (148KB)
The Implications of Basel II for Credit Derivatives FOW Amsterdam
11 Oct 2001
free download pdf (396KB)


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Credit Derivatives and Synthetic Structures

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